The Organization

Linn County Republican Party is organized as the Linn County Republican Central Committee (LCRCC). It operates under a set of by-laws. While it participates in the activities of the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) it is independent. That is, we do not come under the authority ofthe ORP.

Membership in the LCRCC is limited to the elected and appointed PCPs, elected Republicans representing Linn County constituents — Linn County government, the 15 cities and 48 service districts — and the members of the ORP Executive Committee.

Officers and delegates to the ORP Central Committee (SCC) for the LCRCC are elected for a two-year term at the biennial organizational meeting held in November following the General Election;  Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary. The Chairman and Vice-Chairman, along with two additional delegates, represent the LCRCC on the SCC.


The primary purpose of the Linn County Republican Party is the selection, promotion and election of Republican candidates to public office in Linn County. In addition, it assists in the election of Republican candidates for statewide and federal positions that impact Linn County. The party supports issues and candidates that promote conservative values.

Helping the voters of Linn County get to know who their local elected Republicans are, be better informed on issues and be involved in electing candidates who believe in limited government, smart & frugal spending and common-sense solutions to problems that MAY need to be addressed by the government. Personal Responsibility and Personal Liberty go hand in hand.

Linn County Republicans

. . . care what happens in our Communities, our County, our State and our Country. All volunteers, all patriots.

. . . are out in our communities, in parades Fairs and Festivals. Look for us, stop us and ask a question any time.

. . . are interested in registering voters, educating voters about issues and candidates.

Our goal:  To identify and assist honest, ethical, accountable Republican candidates get elected to and serve in elected office.

When we come together as Republicans, our purpose is clear and straightforward. We believe the most accountable, efficient and fiscally responsible government is that which is closest to the voters.

Therefore, it all starts with us, here in Linn County. We want you to join us to advocate for Republican candidates and principles in whatever ways you can.

Join us in person or online via Zoom for a great evening of Republican fellowship every third Monday starting at 6:00 PM. Our physical meeting location is 2735 S Santiam Hwy, Lebanon (the former site of Hometown Mattress), across the highway from the Chevron station.

You can also connect with us through our Linn County Republican Facebook Page