The Importance PCPs

In a nutshell, this is what every American needs to do ASAP:

  1. Contact your county Republican Party Committee, find out when and where it or your local district Party Committee meets (terminology varies from state to state), and attend the meeting.  Republicans are fighting for YOU. 
  2. Introduce yourself. Be friendly, polite, and low key.  Ask if a vacant precinct committeeman position exists for your precinct and volunteer to be appointed to fill it.  If no vacancy currently exists (extremely unlikely), volunteer to be a “helper” for the existing precinct committeemen.
  3. Ask for a copy of the precinct committeeman handbook of your state party committee and study it and learn how to run for precinct committeeman in the next election for these positions.  You can also click here to view or download LCRPs digital copy.  

Precinct committeemen are today’s political Minutemen.  Can you at least give this a try?  I guarantee you’ll find the experience very interesting and rewarding and you’ll meet a lot of interesting Republicans. And take along with you every conservative you know.  Precinct committeemen are the “elite” of the political parties – parties do not exist without them and fewer than one in one hundred political party members can be a voting member of the party. 

PCP Manual

"If all else fails, read the instructions." Good advice for both the newbie and the veteran. So here at the top of the list is the Linn County Republican Party PCP Manual. Feel free to download and print so that you can mark it up as you acquire new insights and tricks of the trade.  The digital copy is great for clicking on links and is convenient on your desktop!


Linn County mapMaps are invaluable for telling us where we are. We all know that precincts provide the lay of the political landscape. The map here shows the portions of the legislative districts reaching into the county intersect. It also assists one to visualize how the precincts align to the legislative districts with the colors; much easier than a monochrome map.

PCPs can download and print these maps as they help:

The Oregon Legislature's web site has an interactive mapping tool that enables the interested user to examine the coverage of House and Senate districts dynamically by providing addresses or simply move the mouse pointer to the desired location on the map:

Voter Assistance

A core function of the PCP is to help friends, neighbors, and other voters understand the issues that makes one candidate better than another. The Oregon Legislature Information System (OLIS) is an invaluable tool for tracking the legislature whenever it convenes in session. You will find tools to follow the course of legislation through committees and floor sessions, read amendments, and even submit testimony. Devote some time to really learn how to utilize it. Political junkie nirvana.

The Oregon Secretary of State is the chief elections officer for the State of Oregon; the County Clerk has the same role in Linn County (the URL says it all). Both sites provide a wealth of information to assist the voter. Since the clerk holds the records for all voters in the county and is the first point of contact, this site is the go-to location for all things PCP and county election history. But even the county site redirects many voter inquiries to the SoS site, especially to help with voter registration:

County site State site

Education Opportunities

You bet you want to be able to answer all of the questions an interested voter asks. And naturally you would love to be able to win that argument with one who disagrees and "persuade the persuadable". Here are four sites that can keep you busy for at least several months if you take advantage of everything they offer:

  • Oregon Elections Civics Toolkit — Designed for a group/classroom setting, these teacher lesson plans cover Oregon election laws and processes.
  • Oregon Citizens Lobby — While the site is focused more on tracking legislation and alerting site followers of pending action in the interest of promoting good lobbying efforts, poking around just might uncover some real gold.
  • Hillsdale College online — The Constitution classes alone are worth the price of tuition. There is so much more that will bring you back. Classes covering culture, history, economics, and literature will not only educate, they will inspire.
  • Wallbuilders — David Barton has been publishing materials offering Christian perspectives on U.S. History for decades. There are several insightful articles and media, mostly on topics of national scope. You will want to stay current via return visits. Often.